Mr 2016


Almost a year ago, I was standing on a rooftop in the middle of New York City, staring at the lights of the Empire State Building. It was beyond freezing, I was on the tail end of a 6 hour drinks package and I had a man by my side. As we waited for the countdown we discussed our resolutions for 2016.

Buy a house. Buy a puppy! Get engaged? Go gymming! Life was good. Life was great! Alas, If there is one thing that Ms. Morissette taught me, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right.

The moment the plane landed back in Oz, life as I knew it had changed. My Dad was sick. Yes it was serious. No, a sunny attitude wouldn’t fix it. My goal went from taking care of a new puppy, to taking care of my family. Every spare moment was spent soaking up as many moments with Dad (the real OG) as I could.

Within four months of that fateful New York evening, my relationship had ended (Mr Heartbreaker) and I had moved back home with the parents. This should have been the worst time of my life, I had lost one love and would soon lose another. Somehow, it turned out to be the most important 10 months of my life. Difficult, yes. Painful, heck yes. The worst? No way. What a privilege it is to take care of your parent. To be able to treat them with the love and care that they extended to you as a child. It was an experience that I would never change, except for the outcome, of course.

During this time, I also committed to going on dates in order to find my Romeo. My Mr Darcy. My Kanye. I went on dates with approximately….ah let’s just say a lot of people. (Just DATES! Like drinks or dinner. Get yo head outta the gutter). Only two men made it to a second date and only one is still left standing (Mr Match).

Despite the stresses of single life, I did manage to learn many lessons from my dating experience. For example, TRUST YO GUT. Have to pretend that there’s a spark? #TheyAintTheOne. They don’t ask you a single question all night? #TheyAintTheOne. You aren’t attracted to them? #TheyAintTheOne. Seriously people, let’s all stop worrying about hurting feelings in the dating world. Don’t waste your time pursuing options that don’t feel ‘right.’ Be honest, be upfront, be kind and tell the guy that you’re not interested. He’ll get over it, I promise.

Everyone has been banging on about what a disaster this year has been. Yes, many loved celebrities died this year. Yes, Trump won the election. A lot of other terrible things that I can’t remember also happened BUT maybe 2016 was a lesson for us all. Maybe, we can take the heartache of this year, shed a few tears and remember that our life isn’t about the years we have…it’s about what we do with them. Gosh darnnit, I’m a wise lass.

Goodbye 2016, it’s been real.

Liv Loveless




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